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There’s something about living on a boat that’s made me totally infatuated with life. It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain but easy to understand once you’ve spent some time aboard the Fasttrak.


As a girl who grew up surrounded by the ocean, I will never get sick of spending time on the water. For my sister and I, 9-5 were our beach hours, not office hours, and we soaked up every drop of sunlight we possibly could during that time.

When I met Nate nearly two years ago and found out he lived on a boat, I was completely fascinated. There are plenty of people in Massachusetts who own one, but it’s not every day you hear of someone who actually spends their day-to-day living aboard one.

Initially, I thought of the boat as a temporary thing, like a phase Nate was going through. I assumed he’d have it for a long time but that he would eventually move on to an apartment in the city. It wasn’t until I started living with him that I realized the appeal of living on a boat never goes away, and it’s not nearly as inconvenient as I assumed it would be.

If you think about it, it’s kind of like living in a luxury motorhome on the water. The nice thing about the boat is we don’t necessarily have to stay where we are, so we don’t. When the weather permits, one of our favorite things to do is cruise past Boston Harbor over to Peddocks Island for a couple of days on the anchor.




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I enjoy the boat when it’s docked, but I LOVE the boat when it’s on anchor. There’s really something to be said for having the freedom to be at home in the middle of the ocean, with no obligations and an incredible view of the city. Once we’re settled and the sun has set, Nate turns the generator off, creating the most tranquil atmosphere you could ever imagine.


While I like to think I adjusted to boat life pretty quickly, I can understand that it may not be for everyone. Apparently, some people don’t enjoy the complete serenity of being at sea and getting rocked to sleep at night, I totally get it….

That being said, there’s no denying that people are curious and have their fair share of questions about it. My favorite being, “Does it rock?” I mean, come on… It’s a boat and it’s floating in Boston Harbor, of course it rocks.

Some more answers to FAQ:

-Yes, we do stay on the boat during the winter. It’s no colder than your average Boston apartment- we have heat and the option to get it wrapped which helps keep the heat in with a greenhouse effect.

-No, I’ve never fallen in. However, I have jumped off the top into the water which is an incredible feeling. The drop is just long enough to have your “oh shit” moment before hitting the water, but I guarantee you’ll want to do it again and again.

-Yes, I’ve dropped something in the water before- it was a fleece sweatshirt and easy to grab (thank goodness). However, the number of close calls I’ve had with my phone and keys is alarming. I also came dangerously close to dropping a bag of Nate’s laundry overboard… that only gave me a minor heart attack.

-No, I’ve never felt seasick. That being said, I have to admit that the boat is not an ideal place to be when you’re hungover.

For me, living on the water in Boston is the best of both worlds. Everyone has their “happy place” and I’ve had my fair share of them, but the boat is so much more than that. Living aboard the Fasttrak is a daily reminder of how good life can be and a constant reassurance that my life doesn’t always have to be according to a plan.


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