Greydon House

Something I’ve grown to really appreciate about Nate is his spontaneity. While I am someone who is easily overwhelmed and like to take my time planning things out, he is the total opposite, typically flying by the seat of his pants.

Last weekend was a true reflection of his impromptu spirit when he decided to book a flight to Nantucket with just a few hours notice. Luckily, we’d been living out of his car while the boat was being chartered, so the packing was already done, and our friend Ben offered to host us for the night in his family home on the island, leaving us with minimal planning to do.

Because we only planned to stay for one night, we kept it pretty low-key and spent our time grilling steaks and hanging out with Ben’s parents. It wasn’t until the next day when we were Ubering to our ferry home that Nate decided we should stretch our stay for an additional night.

Not wanting to further impose on Ben’s family, Nate decided to call Greydon House to see if they could squeeze us in for the evening.

Photo: Melissa Donovan

Being that Greydon House is one of Nantucket’s finest boutique hotels, we knew our chances of getting a room on such short notice would be slim. As luck would have it, we happened to call on an unusually slow day and were offered to spend the night in the Broad Suite.

I’ll be the first to admit that my pictures do not do Greydon House justice. One, because I had nearly a minute to take them before the boys scattered their things all over the room, and two, because it is nearly impossible to capture the intricate detail that so obviously went into every aspect of the building.

Upon entering Greydon House, it is impossible to ignore that the hotel is unlike anywhere else on the island. The layout is intimate and historical while bringing out a nautical theme that so naturally goes with the Nantucket atmosphere. What I appreciate most about Greydon House is that in their design, they kept a comfortable and unique vibe, and refrained from playing into the “cape-style” and modernized tones that tend to be so commonplace for the area.

Being that Greydon House is commonly known for their sophisticated dining experience, we were surprised to find they could fit us in for dinner that evening as well. Taking the 8:45 PM reservation, we were promised one of the best seats in the house and were far from disappointed.

Once seated in the dimly lit, library-esque dining room, we were spoiled with an eating experience that I could only otherwise dream of.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite my lackluster photography, these pictures still make me drool remembering each dish we ate that night; and while it would be easy for me to go into detail, I’ll spare you the hunger pains and simply tell you it would be a mistake not to order the 32oz bone-in Wagyu beef filet mignon. Given the size of the steak, you can imagine the attention and accuracy it takes from the chef to cook it to perfection, and they did not let us down.

To say we were taken care of throughout the meal would be an understatement. Between the bottle of champagne and an enormous seafood tower, both ordered for us by our very generous friend Alex, we also had the honor of meeting the sous chef, Ari. Ari, who accompanies Michelin-star and executive chef Marcus Gleadow-Ware, came up from the kitchen to greet us and walk us through each dish we ordered. Even better, because we were one of the last tables for dinner, she offered to give us a tour of the full kitchen downstairs so see where the magic happens.

The following morning, we took advantage of the complimentary breakfast that each guest gets with their stay at Greydon House.

Luckily for us, we woke up to perfect weather and were seated on the outside deck overlooking downtown Nantucket to enjoy our meal. Like everything we’d eaten the night before, the Eggs Benedict was fantastic, and their freshly squeezed orange juice was perfectly refreshing.

It’s safe to say that while the food and atmosphere were notably phenomenal, it was the unsurpassable hospitality from the staff, as well as Alex and Evan Leventhal that really took our experience above and beyond. Even if you don’t plan on staying the night, I would absolutely recommend checking it out, and even more so, making a reservation for dinner- your tastebuds will thank you.


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